These are Useful Links to know and save for better flood fence within the UK. These links from the Met Office, Environment Agency and other useful sources.

1.FloodRe –
2. A list of insurance companies signed up to FloodRe –
3. Know Your Flood Risk – the campaign for the increased awareness of flood risk:
Click to view – FloodGuide_ForHomeowners.pdf
Click to view – FloodGuide_ForBusinesses.pdf
Click to view – FloodRecoveryGuide_Interactive.pdf
4. Homeowners guide to the Code of Practice Click to view
5. Environment Agency guide to preparing a  house for flooding Click to view
6. Environment Agency guide to preparing a business for flooding Click to view
7. Defra has  funded 3 Pathfinder schemes to promote the uptake of PFR, these 3 websites are an excellent resource to find out more about PFR:
Click to view – Flood Tool Kit
Click to view – Be Flood Ready
Click to view – Yorkshire Flood Resilience
8. A guide to making a  flood recoverable kitchen Click to view
10. Property Care Association Flood Protection Group Association: Click to view
11. Defra: Click to view
12. British Damage Management Association: Click to view
13. Kitemarked Flood Protection Products: Click to view
14. CIRIA guide to repairing a property following a flood: Click to view
15. The Met Office: Click to view
16. The National Flood Forum: Click to view
17. British Insurance Brokers Association: Click to view
18. Association of British Insurers: Click to view
19. The Chartered Institute of Loss Adjusters: Click to view