Mary Dhonau Associates (MDA) is a specialist independent property flood resilience consultancy working to raise local flood awareness by planning for flooding and advising on Property Flood Resilience (PFR). If your home or business is at risk of flooding, then we can help you to plan and prepare so that the dreadful impacts of flooding can be dramatically reduced. We work closely with the Environment Agency and Local Authorities to promote the uptake of PFR within communities at risk of flooding.

One of the most pertinent pieces that I have had the pleasure to work on has been the Property Flood Resilience 2020 publication. It is full of inspirational case studies about homeowners and business who have made adaptations to enable them to recover more quickly after a flood, or because of the moves they have taken, they have not flooded at all!

"I have made it my mission in life to raise the awareness of flood risk and to support those at risk in their preparation for being flooded. A bit of thought and preparation before a flood, could help to reduce the horrible impact that being flooded has on individuals, families and businesses."

– Planning ahead breaks down into four sections –

  1. Find out if you are at risk of being flooded by clicking this link, this will take you to the Flood section of the Environment Agency’s website. This is an interactive map and will give you the level of risk your home or business face from being flooded. For more detailed and essential information about flood searches, please look under ‘useful links’
  2. If you are at risk of being flooded then it is essential that you sign up for a FREE Environment Agency Flood Warning via the Environment Agency website by clicking here or by ringing 0845 988 1188.
  3. Prepare a ‘Flood Plan’ specific to the needs of your family or business. For more details Click Here.
  4. Think about how you can minimise any damage by purchasing appropriate Property Flood Resilience Products in advance. (More details under ‘information’.)


We are grateful to all for your feedback and contribution to the conversation around flood safety, resilience and recovery. Here is a sample of the testimonials we have received from our clients and collaborators.

"Mary Dhonau has been a tireless advocate from flood risk communities & the benefits of Property Flood Resilient Adaptations."
Dermot Kehoe
Property Flood Resilient Chair
“It’s rare that you come across someone who is so committed to really making a difference to reducing the impacts of flooding. Mary is often described as ‘Mary, Queen of Floods’, which couldn’t be more true!”
Josie Bateman
Environment Agency

Background to Mary

Mary was awarded an OBE for Services to the Environment in the Queen’s Birthday Honours list in 2009.

In Dec 14 she was awarded a HonRICS, in recognition of her high profile for standing up for the public interest regarding flooding. Mary was also given the ‘Voice of the Customer ‘award at the CII Public Interest Awards 2015 and an Honorary Doctorate from the University of the West of England in July 2015 and was made a Hon Fellow of CIWEM in May2017.

Mary was been flooded herself on many occasions and has extensive experience in supporting and advising the victims of flooding during their recovery.

She has championed the promotion of Property Flood Resilience and is a passionate advocate for communities to work in partnership, with those who manage flood risk, to help minimise the disruption flooding brings

Mary was the CEO of the National Flood Forum from 2006/10 and now holds a similar position for the ‘Know Your Flood Risk’ campaign. She runs her own consultancy (MD Associates) specialising in Flood Resilience.

She regularly  works alongside the University of the West of England researching into the resilient repair process.

Mary also project managed the recent Cumbria Resilient Showcase Project and has recently published an eBook ‘Property Flood Resilience, Stories from homes and businesses who have made adaptations to help them recover more quickly after a flood’ She is a member of

For more details about the Cumbrian Project Click Here

Downloads: Mary and Dr Carly Rose are joint authors of:

Homeowners Guide to Flood Resilience

Homeowners Guide to Flood Recovery

Business Guide to Flood Resilience

Homeowners Checklist

Essential Resources

Flood risk management is a bit like a Jigsaw puzzle of many pieces, all fitting together to reduce our flood risk. I make no apologies for always focussing on the ‘bit in the middle’, our homes and businesses.

It is our homes and businesses that are devastated by the flood water, with much loved possessions and memories destroyed forever. Whilst putting together this EMag, I’ve heard that people have been out of their homes for 15 months, or businesses shut for a year or more. I’ve been told harrowing accounts of people’s recovery from being flooded, which without exception, everyone said was worse than the flood itself.

In the past homeowners who have had PFR fitted, have suffered from poor workmanship by unscrupulous companies. There is now a Code of Practice, that surveyors and installers should adhere to.

This Code of Practice has been put together by a consortium of experts. ( I was on the steering group for this) When employing anyone to both survey and install any type of PFR to your home it is essential you check they are working to the Code of Practice.

Download your free homeowners guide to the Code of Practise from here.

In the Media

I have made a series of films that bring some of the stories featured in the EMag to life, watch them below.